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Exporting Overview

Last edited: 5 May, 2005
Author: Daniel Slagle

Well, it is sad but true... All formats have some type of downside.

If you would like some help deciding on what format you would like to use I have encoded a small video in various formats so you can do a bit of comparison for yourself. Compressed in the 17 second video there is:

If you download them the movies (using save as) and have QT pro you can 'Play All Movies' at once and get a good idea what type of encoding looks better for your needs. Please note there are literally 1000's of options and variables for each codec but this will give you a rough idea. I tried to keep the file size around a meg.


Various Exports

MPEG-1 via MPEGworks MPEG-1 via Compressor
Export standard Sorenson 3 Export Sorenson Pro via Squeeze
Quicktime DivX AVI Standard Web iMovie Share via Quicktime
Quicktime MPEG-4 via Squeeze Quicktime 3ivX
Windows Media V7 via Cleaner Real Media via Quicktime plugin
Windows Media V9 via Flip4Mac plugin Quicktime V7 H.264 standard 2 pass
Control click "Download Linked file" to save the above videos or if you play the file and have QT pro click the little arrow at the end of the video track, and use the "Save as Source" to save the movies to your desktop. If they do not play... then your missing the codec.

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