The 'Unofficial' iMovie FAQ


Last edited: 6 October, 2006
Author: Daniel Slagle

This site is NO LONGER being maintained for the "ALL NEW" site that talks about the new iMovie 11 please visit

The "Unofficial" iMovie FAQ

The iMovie FAQ was first started back in January of 2001 out of frustration with trying to find answers in the iMovie forums and seeing the same questions over and over. Apple does do a very good job of trying to get a lot of information to its' web site, and I encourage folks to submit to Apple a "user contributed FAQ" in the forums but this site allows me to do what I like and have a little more control.

Apple later made me an Apple helper and I spent a lot of time in the forums attempting to help people out. I referring them to the Apple Knowledge Base and back to this FAQ. A while back, the "helper" system was done away with and Apple granted me "Level 4" access which is pretty much the same thing except anyone is eligible now, if they post enough.

Please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions, ideas, or tips you may have understanding that you will receive credit for the work but all rights, ownership, and presentation of the information belong to me and I have the final word.

This site is free but I can always use help with bandwidth cost. Banner ads currently support this site but, if you wish to buy someting at Amazon I will get a few bucks in my pocket

Thanks for visiting,

Dan and friends


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