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Camera Not Connected Error

Last edited:29 December, 2004
Authors: Daniel Slagle
David Babsky
Gérard Meyer

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Camcorder will not connect to iMovie - No camera attached

Possible Solutions:

If your good with all the above:

  1. Close iMovie
  2. Delete all iMovie plist files for iMovie located in Home/Library/Preferences
  3. Plug the camera in to the wall (electricity)
  4. Make sure you have a good firewire cable and plug it in to the Mac from the camera
  5. Turn off your camera
  6. Reset your pram
  7. When the Mac is booting, power on the camera
  8. Start iMovie

Sony camcorder special fixs:

  1. Turn your camcorder to Play mode.
  2. Press menu button (or relevant touch-screen button)
  3. Click the 'ETC' item and then to CONTROL.
  4. Select i-link (and not IR).


  1. Turn your camcorder to Play mode.
  2. Press the Menu button (or relevant touch-screen button)
  3. Scroll down the Menu to the 'ETC' option, if there is one
  4. Click the 'ETC' item and choose 'VIDEO EDIT' if it's there
  5. Click 'VIDEO EDIT' and 'MARK 1 IN' may appear
  6. Click on 'MARK 1 IN' and then exit from the Menu options, by pressing the Menu button again

Your Sony cam should now work OK with iMovie.

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