The 'Unofficial' iMovie FAQ

Disk Responding Slowly

Last edited: 28 November, 2004
Author: Daniel Slagle


When recording voice over you receive an error "Disk responding slowly"


While no "catch all" answer exists for this here are a few things you can try

  • Make sure your running no other programs besides iMovie
  • Make sure File Vault is turned off if running Panther
  • Record on to another disk such as an external FireWire disc. I recommend you have a seperate drive on your system deadicated to "Media" (DV, movie clips, photos, etc)
  • If all that does not work or is not possible. Watch the video in iMovie (muted) and simultaneously record the "voice over video" onto a fresh tape in your camcorder. Import that fresh tape, extract the audio and throw away the video. Slip the audio along the audio track to the point where you want the voice over to start.

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