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Why do I get "Language Resource File not found, reinstall application." when I launch a project?

Last edited: 28 November, 2004
Author: Lennart Thelander

If you double-click on an iMovie file instead of the iMovie application, the Finder tries to figure out which application to launch, by using the file's creator code. Then Finder launches the latest version of the application that corresponds to the creator code. Unfortunately this might launch iMovie for X, when you run Mac OS 9. When that happens you get the aforementioned error message.

This problem applies to any Macintosh application and is nothing unique to iMovie.


Alt 1

Have iMovie (for 9) running when you double-click on the project file.

Alt 2

Delete iMovie for X (if you never run it).

Alt 3

Launch iMovie and open the project by selecting Open in the File menu.

Alt 4

It MIGHT work to rebuild the desktop: When you start the Mac in 9, hold down the option and command keys until the Mac asks you if you are sure you want to rebuild the desktop. You are sure.

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