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Importing a PowerPoint Presentation

Last edited: 23 July, 2007
Author: Daniel Slagle

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Importing a Powerpoint Presentation

This process is pretty simple:

    1. Make sure you are on the latest greatest version. Upgrades for v10 - Upgrades for v11 Both released mid Oct 2004
    2. Export the presentation out of Powerpoint
      Export powerpoint movie
    3. Adjust settings
      adjust settings powerpoint imovie
    4. Adjust setting to "Best Quality"
      Powerpoint export settings imovie
      4. (Optional) Export the generated movie out as a DV stream (may help compatibility)
      tutorial powerpoint imovie

    Note: I imported both a DV stream and the Powerpoint generated movie. The resolution looks about the same but I have always had better luck in doing the conversions myself.

    iMovie import powerpoint

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