The 'Unofficial' iMovie FAQ

Making an SVCD with Toast 6

Last edited: 28 November, 2004
Author: Daniel Slagle

This site is NO LONGER being maintained for the "ALL NEW" site that talks about the new iMovie 11 please visit


  1. Find the Quicktime reference movie located in your iMovie Project folder

  2. Click the video tab in Toast 6
  3. Drag this file to Toast 6
  4. Select "Standard Quality" if you video has a lot of movement (sports type videos) or "High Quality" if your video is does not have a lot of quick pans
  5. Click Burn


If your VCD does not play on your stand-alone DVD player it may not be the disk, it might be your player. There are compatibility lists available at VCD helper.

I know of one OSX player for VCD's called the VLC media player.

Panther will play VCD's too! Not SVCD's

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