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Making a VCD with Toast 5

Last edited: 27 November, 2004
Author: Daniel Slagle


Toast Titanium 5.1.2 update fixed the VCD option for OS X. This option allows you to export straight out of iMovie but does not allow you to make brightness and corrections as described below.

1. Export from iMovie with default "Full Quality" to a QT movie.
2. In QuickTime Pro open the new QT movie and adjust settings to High-Quality.

Video Track High Quality

3. You may also want to bump up the brightness by just a tick, it is up to you.
4. Save file
5. Drag to Toast and burn. (This takes a while because the MPEG-1 conversion is done here)


(and this is NOT the suggested method due to Roxio always managing to hose up the plug-in and losing the ability to color correct your movie with QuickTime Pro)

1. If you have installed the Toast QuickTime plug-in correctly. (The file ToastVideoCDSupport.component must be in your /Library/QuickTime directory)
2. In iMovie export "Movie to Toast Video" (this takes a while)
3. Open up toast if it is not open already. Give the filename(s) or drag and drop. You can put in quite a few.
4. Burn!


If your VCD does not play on your stand-alone DVD player it may not be the disk, it might be your player. There are compatibility lists available at VCD helper.

I know of one OSX player for VCD's called the VLC media player.

Panther will play VCD's too! Not SVCD's

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