The 'Unofficial' iMovie FAQ

The iMovie Trashcan

Last edited: 28 November, 2004
Author: Daniel Slagle
iMovie Version: 2, 3, and 4

The iMovie trashcan does not work like your system trash can. You cannot "open" it and retrieve clips from it.

In short, If you are worried about losing data; NEVER delete an unused clip, ALWAYS put a copy in the time line from the shelf. NEVER empty iMovie's trash until the project is complete and to tape and/or DVD.

I recommend the following:

    1. Import your footage
    2. Go though each and every clip renaming them appropriately
    3. Cut, crop, and delete the footage you are SURE you do not want or need
    4. Go though the clips again playing them and splicing them into scenes, double checking your work
    5. Save the project BEFORE putting anything in the timeline
    6. Start COPYING clips to the timeline (Option-drag)

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