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Converting Mono to Stereo

Last edited:25 January, 2005
Author: Daniel Slagle

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Sound only comes out of right of left speaker, usually when recording with an external microphone


The quick fix:

  1. Extract the audio out of the clip Advanced Extract audio

  2. Open the file in Quicktime Pro Open with QT

  3. Export out the audio mono to a new file (File -> Export -> Sound to AIFF) then choose the Mono option
    Export Mono

  4. Delete the extracted sound track by selecting it and hitting "Delete"
  5. Import this new file in to iMovie by dragging it to the clips pane. It will be placed where your playhead is currently

The Expensive Fix

If using an XLR microphone buy a on camera mixer or run a stereo feed through professional mics, via mixer, to your camera.

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