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Audio Sync "Fixes"

Last edited:13 April, 2006
Author: Daniel Slagle

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One thing that I have learned over the years of audio sync issues is that there is not a "catch all fix". Some fixes work for certain people and others are left in the cold. The first most import thing is make sure the basics are good:

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Try This First

Select all the clips and extract all the audio out of them and then export/make DVD.

iMovie Extract Audio

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Try This Second

Export out the whole project as a self contained movie

Export ExpertExport Self-contained

Then drag that movie to iDVD or for use with Quicktime

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Try This Third

If you do not mind adding chapters to you movie (or already have them) put a one (1) or two (2) second break in where the chapter markers are. You can do this by; selecting a clip in the timeline view and dragging it to the right. (Watch the playhead for seconds and frames)

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Last Ditch Effort

  1. In QuickTime Pro, export the audio track, as an 48 kHz AIFF fileExport AIFF
  2. Make a copy of your project (using the finder) copy the whole project folder.
  3. Open the copy of the project and make sure all the audio is extracted.
  4. Select all the audio and delete it.
  5. Export out your project as a self-contained movie
  6. Open the audio (AIFF) file in Quicktime Pro (Edit > Select All, Edit > Copy)
  7. Open up the self-contained movie of your project make sure the playhead is add the beginning and add the audio back in scaled (Edit > Add Scaled).
  8. Save as self contained movie.

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